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Raw vegan cherry jello

Raw vegan Jell-O is awesome–it’s got a great texture, takes minutes to make, and is a light, fresh take on dessert. This is a low-glycemic version suitable for those on low-sugar diets.


12 ounces frozen or fresh cherries

Handful Irish moss

Sea salt, to taste

Stevia, to taste

Xylitol (optional, to taste)


Soak the Irish moss overnight. When it’s all plumped up with water, Vitamix it with a little bit of water until it’s an even, gooey consistency. Then, add frozen cherries, Stevia, sea salt, and Xylitol to taste. Chill in the fridge for a couple hours. Enjoy!

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Raw kelp noodles were begging to be used in a dessert recipe. Evidence: They have practically no flavor after you soak them, have a super-awesome texture and there’s like three calories for a big bowl, and they’re available in many health food stores for only a few bucks. They soak up sauces (check out the wonderful Heather Pace‘s delish-looking recipes for savory raw vegan kelp noodles) and keep their form in both hot and cold dishes. Imagine eating raw cacao-coated kelp noodles, oozing with flavor but still light and low on the glycemic index. Yes!

I hope others start experimenting with the concept of kelp in dessert!

Kelp noodles
raw cacao paste (I recommend sourcing from Vivapura)
coconut flakes
sea salt

Soak kelp noodles for a while; 20 minutes is good, or you can do longer if you’d like them to be a bit plumper. Melt the cacao paste (with a dehydrator, or on the stove with low heat, or in the sun…), then add a bit of cold water and immediately stir frantically until it becomes a mousse. Add in stevia to taste and a dash of sea salt. Then, toss in the kelp noodles and coat evenly. Chill in the fridge. Add a sprinkle of coconut as garnish, or perhaps some other topping you’d like. Enjoy!

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