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Vegan hot dogs in Santiago, Chile.

I recently spent one month in Santiago, Chile for work. It was a unique experience to be living and working in such a vibrant and special city in South America for a significant time period. As a vegan, I knew some of what to expect from my travels in neighboring Argentina many years ago. There were definitely vegan-friendly places there. Overall, I found that Santiago is a pretty vegan-friendly city. Traditional Chilean restaurants won’t be your best friend, but there are a crop of vegan-friendly restaurants, health food stores and vegan products available in grocery chain Lider (a subsidiary of Walmart, unfortunately) to keep you fueled and happy if you’re traveling through.

If you’re interested in visiting Santiago and you’re looking for vegan eats, here’s a brief guide to the few spots that I enjoyed. Note that this isn’t comprehensive (or even close). As I was working out of my company’s office in Providencia five days per week, I primarily stuck to areas close to the office and the place I was staying near Santiago Centro.

A Few Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Santiago, Chile


Vegan Bunker

Vegan Bunker was the place I visited most often, primarily due to its proximity to my company’s office, but also because it was downright delicious. With an unabashed radical queer vegan agenda, a very affordable menu of the day with a main dish, salad, and fruit juice, plus a desert menu to live for, Vegan Bunker is an absolute must if you’re going to Santiago. Plus, it’s in a really sweet hipster neighborhood neighborhood called Barrio Italia, which is in Providencia near metro Santa Isabel, filled with small coffee shops that serve several kinds of nut milk, clothing stores, art galleries, antique shops.


One of the salads from the menu of the day at Vegan Bunker. These salads varied slightly from day to day.


Spaghetti and vegetables from the menu of the day at Vegan Bunker.


Another menu of the day main dish from Vegan Bunker. This is tofu wrapped in nori and fried, atop veggies and rice. Tempurah-like and pretty yummy.


One of the salads from menu of the day at Vegan Bunker.


One of the vegan menus of the day at Vegan Bunker. Sometimes the menu dishes were simple like this, black beans with veggies and rice, and other times were more elaborate. 


“Catpuccino” from Vegan Bunker. This was a weird  but enjoyable semi-frozen drink that had absolutely nothing to do with cappuccino other than being derived from coffee and delicious. 


Vegan Bunker menu in Santiago.


Vegan Bunker in Santiago. The menu mostly includes fast food options (burgers, hot dogs, etc.) with the menu of the day being the most healthful and varied option. 


Some of the radical artwork on the walls at Vegan Bunker. 


One of the menus of the day main dishes from Vegan Bunker-one of my favorites. Potatoes with veggie gravy, tofu and grilled veggies. 


Vegan lemon pie from Vegan Bunker. IMG_9780

Vegan Oliver from Santiago above the “vegusta” vegan meats case. 


The Oliver burger from Vegan Bunker. This was one of the most popular dishes among my non-vegan colleagues who frequently visited the Bunker with me.


“Gender is a social construction. The bathrooms are not for man or woman. They’re bathrooms.” Artwork in Vegan Bunker.

Pastelería Sinfonía del Sabor

This vegan-friendly bakery in Providencia served decadent vegan treats. My favorites were the vegan-friendly muffins.


The vegan empanadas from Pastelería Sinfonía del Sabor are delicious.

El Huerto

Frequently listed as a top vegetarian restaurant, I enjoyed the hearty salads and tofu very much.



Planta Maestra

A great chain of stores in Santiago that offer various packaged health foods. Expensive, but good choice for getting staples like vegan yoghurt, soy dogs, etc. I bought some vegan hot dogs there (pictured below) for a vegan-friendly asado at my office.


Vegan Bueras

In my opinion, their green salad with quinoa was the best vegan salad in Santiago. The asparagus soup was another lovely dish.



At the Costanera Center Mall, ZenZero offers a few flavors of delicious vegan gelato made with stevia, not sugar. Pictured here: tiramisu and hazelnut flavors.


Some additional websites that may be helpful: The vegan “gringo” survival guide to Chile, Vegan in Santiago, vegan happy cow.

Thanks for reading! xo Sarah


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