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View from our porch. Note: Mountain landscape not required for recipe!

Remember when you were a kid and shaved ices (also known as “snow cones” and “iceys”) were awesome? The syrup used to cover the crushed ice was likely made with loads of sugar, dyes and crap. I thought to myself, on one of the last warm afternoons in October, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a shaved ice treat made with low glycemic sweeteners and real fruit juice?

For this version, I employed my trusted Vitamix to crush the ice (Raw foodist confession: Our house of six raw vegans owns three Vitamixes, a dry blade and a special blade for crushing ice, which I used, although a normal blade should work fine.)


Stevia-Sweetened Raw Lemon-Lime Snow Cones





Liquid Stevia


Place ice in Vitamix or high-powered blender. Blend with a little water, then add lemon and lime juice and a few drops of stevia to taste. Enjoy!

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